House Gym Vs Commercial Gym – Why I Switched

The wife of mine and I joined a commercial gym near the doorstep of ours. The fitness center wasn’t among the huge chains but was locally owned by a couple. It’d Hammer Strength weight machines () that is awesome and Life Fitness cardio equipment (top notch). The cost-free weight area was spacious, filled with rubber coated Olympic plates, but with just one power rack.

The gym did not use a pool, but received a little gymnasium wherein gym instructor courses for cardio sessions were held. Upstairs, there was tanning beds along with a therapeutic massage area. Whenever we signed up, we had been told they had been limiting membership to 500 users to stay away from overcrowding. Fantastic, we believed. Nevertheless, I discovered out later on that the membership of theirs was between 750 as well as thousand members, as well as the gym got really packed late in the evening and after work. And, it looked as in case you are exercising on top of each other.


The fitness center started at five a.m. on weekdays, and our routine enabled us to exercise from 5 6 a.m., therefore we will get up at 4:30 a.m., have a little breakfast and also reach the gym by five a.m. We will go 3 to 4 days throughout the week, and in most cases one time on either Sunday or Saturday morning around eight a.m. This was amazingly simple to do, for some time.

The management hired a person to open the gym at five a.m. and male the front desk

I believe they just paid minimum wage, so whomever they employed is up really early on for very little pay. Not a fantastic job, but simple to do nonetheless.

I pulled into the parking lots at 4:50 a.m. one morning and also the fitness center was dark. Not a huge deal, I thought, I have beaten the employee here previously. So I waited ten minutes, twenty minutes, and after thirty minutes I left, very pissed off. The gym did not open until among the private trainers showed up at about seven a.m., I discovered out later.

The following day the supervisor profusely apologized since the employee never ever showed up, and only up and quit! “It won’t ever happen again,” he said. Guess what occurred the next month? Another employee did not show up to start the gym at five a.m.! The next month, it happened once again! 3 occasions I was left to wait in the parking lots. Not merely did I wake up early, I missed the training of mine also. AND they lied to me about the quantity of memberships they’d offered.

We had been paying the couple number of fifty nine dollars monthly, and we were people for 2 years now. Therefore one evening I sat down and determined precisely what visiting a workout room really cost you us very far:

fifty nine dolars monthly for twenty four months: $1416

The fitness center became a 3.3 mile drive, round trip: 6.6 miles. We drove there 5 times a week: 6.6 miles x five = thirty three miles a week for 2 years less a two week vacation = hundred weeks x thirty three miles =3300 miles! (Imagine just how much this cost us in gas!) Using the IRS’s (July 2008) regular mileage rate of.585 cents: 3300 x.585 = $1930.50

$1930.50 regular mileage rate $1416 dues = $3346.50. This’s just how much the gym had truly cost us for 2 years! Ouch!

Just how much home gym gear can I purchase for more than $3300?

Used Treadmill $350 Powertec Power rack with upper/lower pulley attachment. (This now costs more than $thousand, however well worth every penny. Actually, when I purchased mine, I’d to hold out a month for it due to the demand.) $749
VTX 300lb Olympic weight set $339
Body Solid Olympic weight rack seventy nine dolars
Ironmaster adaptable Dumbbells and great bench $898
Body Solid GFID31 Bench $162
Accessories (handles for cable pull down) seventy dolars
Further Olympic mass plates 347lbs (I discovered great deals) $250
Body Solid Leg press $629
Comprehensive Cost $3526

ust a little more than $3300, though I are capable of doing ninety % of the exact same workouts at home which I did in the gym. HOWEVER, the apparatus is paid out for, and I won’t ever pay monthly gym fees Again! Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each:

House Gym Pros:

  • You are able to figure out whenever you want.
  • No commuting time indicates the workouts of yours are over faster and you will be much more likely to stay with the workout program of yours.
  • No irritating gym goers: There’s one fellow in the gym I affectionately called Stinky who have never showered, ever! Next there is the guy who would like to chat between each set, Mr. Know-It-All who attempts to critique the lifting form of yours as well as the novice user that desires you to enjoy personal trainer for them.


  1. Spending less. Subsequent to the original investment, you will be ahead in the end versus a gym membership
  2. The “commute” of mine to the gym is an one minute hike downstairs
  3. I could pay attention to The music of mine and watch The tv program of mine For the females: no strangers considering you like you are a slice of meat!
  4. In case you buy the proper equipment, you do not need a spotter and will lift safely
  5. For me personally, I can focus better on the lifts of mine at home
  6. Nobody mis uses called abuses the equipment
  7. I manage the planet (heating/cooling)
  8. The children of yours can use the apparatus for no extra monthly fee

House Gym Cons:

  1. Steep up front expense to create the gym Lots of distractions: pets, phone, spouse, kids, etc.
  2. Cardio alternatives could be limited according to your space and budget
  3. Finding space for all of the equipment
  4. No one in order to teach you correct form, or even to motivate you
  5. When the gear breaks, you’ve to pay to get it fixed (or restore it yourself)
  6. Utilities could be higher: switching up the atmosphere condition/heat etc

Business Gym Pros:

  • Watching others lift is able to keep you motivated to lift more
  • Private fitness trainers can be found to teach you proper form
  • State-of-the-art equipment: Cybex, , Hammer Strength etc
  • You do not need to give up a bedroom or even garage for gym equipment
  • In case you lift quite heavy, you are able to get somebody to spot you
  • Paying a fee every month is motivation to work out

Business Gym Cons:


  1. Packed always Watching others lift is able to keep you motivated to raise more… or perhaps could result in injury
  2. Waiting around for a machine:i.e., the idiot performing bicep curls in the energy rack
  3. You can learn appropriate form IF the lifter you are watching is performing it correctly
  4. You’ve to travel to the gym, wasting training time, gasoline cost, and also damage on the automobile of yours
  5. The favorite piece of yours of equipment could be reduced for many days The gym I was visiting did not have some way to complete dips! Incredible!
  6. Sickness. Every dumbbell handle, printer handle, and weight plate continues to be touched by a huge selection of folks, and that isn’t perfect in flu and cold season. Additionally, not everybody wipes his or the sweat of her off the equipment
  7. No decision in the selection of the volume or music playing
  8. Sometimes it is difficult to get a clear locker Not everybody places the weight plates back. I previously must assist an old female take out thousand lbs. from a leg press machine
  9. Private trainers are there to teach you correct form… for a price

Let us review and discover exactly what the score is:

House Gym Pros: thirteen.

House Gym Cons: seven.

Business Gym Pros: six.

Business Gym Cons: thirteen.

The overwhelming choice will be the home gym. I’ve had mine for more than three years now and it has among the best investments in the health of mine I’ve previously made.

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