Some of the Proven and Established Ways to Getting Facebook ‘likes’

Without waiting, let’s hit the loop.

Influence the Online Set of Connections

The best way to open the ‘like’ account on Facebook is by gathering the likes from the already prevailing network connection. Invite your co-workers, workers, acquaintances, relations, and social group friends to like your Facebook page. It is always advisable to restrict your ‘like’ campaign to the loved ones and to the ones in your circle. The campaign can even be extended to the people who are familiar with the page that is being promoted or the business, product, service, and its brand to be promoted. Stay firm and shrewd from the Facebook’s suggesting feature which helps in getting likes for your page. Expand your invitation when you are satisfied with the number of likes you have got.

Facebook Likes

Steps to be taken:

  • Interact with your online contacts about the page and the benefits of liking it.
  • Place the Facebook ‘like’ buttons and Facebook ‘like’ boxes on your site and on your blog.
  • Get your relatives and friends involved in promoting your Facebook fan page.
  • Include the Facebook page URL in the email signature.

Influence the Offline Set of Connections

Start influencing the offline set of connections to like the page. Get in touch with the people in person and elaborate them about your business and the page on Facebook. Explain the ‘like’ feature to them in detail and the benefits associated on liking it. Getting in touch in person is more effective than getting in touch through emails or by sending requests. Include the business page details in the promotional resources.

Steps to be taken:

  • Develop a cordial relationship with people who own business pages for businesses similar to yours. It is important to exchange URLs with them.
  • Intimate people involved in the operation of the business. Keep them posted of the physically operating stores if any.
  • Talk about the business page on Facebook with people whenever possible.
  • Make sure that the advertisements, fliers, and the business cards contain the Facebook page URL.

Advertise on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook could be a bit costly but if it is taken on a serious note, it definitely results in getting sound benefits. This mode of promotion is inbuilt in Facebook and is utilized to reach people who can be targeted only via Facebook. These advertisements can help in reaching out to people based on the criteria you have set while posting the advertisement. Settings can be made to reach appropriate people, for instance, people in your locality or people who are interested in business pages similar to yours, or people of particular age criteria can be targeted by changing the settings.

Steps to be taken:

  • Use the Facebook advertising system for bringing into line the current promotions, the growth and expansion of business, and the limited offers.
  • Make the occasions a special one by running advertisements which celebrate the people and their occasions. Also, concentrate on running themed advertisements especially during holidays.
  • Limit your budget by running advertisements only when your business needs the exposure.

Post Captivating Contents and Extraordinary Discounts

Make sure that the content you post captivates everyone who reads it. Such attractive and unique content with special offers draws in a lot of likes. Similarly, videos reach people very easily and also help in boosting the likes count. Make use of landing tab which is technically termed as ‘reveal tab’. This reveal tab helps in setting the default landing page for the people who visit your business page. This option allows the visitor access the page only on liking it.

Steps to be taken:

  • Tailor the page using a software or hire this service from a designer.
  • Work on the offers to be provided to hold on to the customers.
  • Keep an eye on the hit rate of the Facebook business page.

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