Twelve Job Application Strategies for Amazon Copywriters

I just recently marketed for freelance copywriters to benefit the Amazon copywriting company of mine and then got some 200 uses. I have done rather a good deal of recruiting in days gone by, thus, out of the start, I knew precisely what kind of knowledge I was following. I additionally knew I would be inundated with applications, which the candidates would come from all kinds of backgrounds with different amounts of Amazon copywriting expertise. I was quite particular about the application needs, and I’d methods put in place to filter and categorize uses. I believed I’d everything covered. I ought to have recognized I could not be that lucky!

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Whenever the apps began coming in, I was dumbfounded. Most of the best intentions of mine as well as solutions notwithstanding, the candidates seemed intent on ruling themselves from contention by delivering sub standard program emails. They had been extremely undesirable that, at times, I felt as I was shortlisting depending on the quality of the application program, instead of the caliber of the candidate.

This particular post is for any author – encountered or otherwise – who plans to put on for any copywriting work. It provides twelve suggestions (in order of importance) regarding how to use in such a manner that you stand a possibility of making the shortlist.

One) Follow Instructions

Whenever the job ad has directions, follow them. If it has instructions that are labelled “IMPORTANT”, and that are formatted red and bold, you can assume they are somewhat crucial and that there is a reason behind them. Follow them! Read as well as re-read the ad to ensure you have followed every instruction. In case the ad says implement via email, implement via email! When it states using “Copywriter Application” as the subject line, use “Copywriter Application” as the subject line! When it states to go to a site, supply a quote, supply 3 text samples, and also incorporate your resume, DO Those THINGS! In case you do not stick to the basic, clear directions in a job advertisement, the employer may have no belief that you will have the ability to follow an intricate Amazon copywriting brief!

Two) Less is More

Do not squander the employer’s time. Remember, they are hiring a freelance copywriter since they want someone to have a bit of the workload of theirs. They’re’ time poor’. Keep the application of yours short’ n’ cute. This’s the chance of yours to show what you are capable of, therefore do not get caught in the trap of utilizing complex sentences and big words. Significantly less is much more.

Three) Show How You will Help The Business of theirs

Make an effort to find out things from the employer’s viewpoint. Nearly all employers that promote for freelancer copywriters are searching for individuals who could assist them streamline the business of theirs. Companies – specifically Amazon copywriting studios, advertising agencies as well as web design organizations – who need freelance copywriters are attempting to’ productize’ copywriting. They would like to have the ability to’ turn the handle’: they really want an inexpensive freelance Amazon copywriter who could be depended upon to provide client ready very first draft text, with little supervision. They are attempting to develop a copywriter factory line. Remember this if you apply, and attempt to show how you will enable them to do this goal.

Four) Establish your Application Scannable

Once more, keep in mind that the employer does not have a large amount of time. So design your copywriter program simple to scan. Do not simply create one long block of written text. Use brief paragraphs, bullets and headings, and bold the key bits.

Five) Address the Requirements

Whenever the Amazon copywriter ad lists the demands of the project, ensure you target them, individually. (But keep in mind, keep it short’ n’ sweet.)

Six) Be Honest and open

Do not oversell yourself; if the story told by the samples of yours and resume does not match your revenue spiel, you will be marked down. When you do not have the knowledge or maybe expertise to satisfy 1 or more of the specifications, say so. And do not lie about the experience of yours or include samples you did not really write. This might enable you to get one task, though you might not be paid for it, and also you will surely never get another. And don’t forget, the Amazon copywriting world is extremely small; everybody knows everybody, and warnings regarding deceptive freelancers travel extremely fast across the grapevine.

Seven) Provide Relevant Samples

Whenever the project ad asks you to provide samples of the text of yours, do all in the energy of yours to locate as well as provide samples which are related. The advertisement might establish the type of samples you have to provide, however, if not, check out the employer’s site, and send samples which are applicable to the primary service offering of theirs. When they do mainly web content, send web text samples. If they do brief copy, post short copy samples. Plus in case you do not have some pertinent samples, attempt to determine the primary attributes needed by the employer, plus send samples which show you have all those qualities. (e.g. In case the employer does primarily online brochure type web content, you will have to provide samples which show the ability of yours to concurrently capture a market and a solution, and perhaps even educate the audience.)

Eight) Do not Expect Immediate Feedback

Since most job ads attract a huge selection of applications, also, since the employer is still attempting to run the business of theirs, you cannot expect immediate feedback on the application of yours. Do not send out a reminder email after one day or even 2 days. If you are likely to send a reminder, get it done after a week or maybe two weeks. And, unless the advertisement states calling, do not call! Phone calls use up a great deal of time, and this also can be quite frustrating to a fast paced employer who, more than likely, doesn’t have feedback to offer yet, anyway.

Nine) Do not Use Broken English

When you are applying for a task as an English language Amazon copywriter, you’ve to have a good mastery of English. If perhaps the software of yours is created in broken English, you Won’t receive the role; you are merely totally wasting the time of yours and also the employer’s time.

Ten) Proof-Read The Application of yours

Practically nothing undermines a Amazon listing copywriter much more than errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax as well as grammar (he claims as he anxiously goes through his article!). Pay attention to detail. You will be applying for a number of roles, but do not hurry through the application of yours; constantly take the time to proof read and spell-check. TIP: Although it is not really a show stopper, attempt to spell the employer’s right!

Eleven) Do not Ask for Work Experience

Except if the ad specifically says that unpaid job experience is a chance, do not request it. While it definitely suggests great passion, nearly all companies just do not have enough time to guide a junior copywriter, even in case they are not paying the author anything.

Twelve) Do not Request a Critique of Your Writing

If perhaps the application of yours is unsuccessful, be at liberty to question why don’t you, but do not consult the employer to critique the writing of yours. Explaining exactly why your writing is insufficient is a really cumbersome job, and it is not the duty associated with a prospective employer. Should you ever had a possibility in a call back somewhere down the line, this’s the best technique to drop it.


You would be amazed the number of freelance Amazon copywriter applicants DON’T observe the above mentioned recommendations. These candidates make the employer’s function very irritating and time intensive, and all but principle themselves of contention. Follow all of the above mentioned suggestions when applying for a new freelance copywriter job, and you will be an extremely large move in front of the competition of yours.

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