Why Do Coaches Hire a Copywriter?

#4 Online Marketing Requires Consistency

What’s your plan? When you work with clients, you probably have a strategy that first gets to the bottom of their issues, and then asks them, “What’s the plan?”

So, what’s your plan?

You love helping people. You know that coaching is the best career path for you. How are you going to get from point A to point B in your business?

Are you earning the income you want to? Do you have enough clients to sustain you? Do you think you’re helping enough people?

The key to successful online marketing (or promoting yourself on the web to entice the maximum number of people to your business) is consistency. (Besides, whispered the copywriter, all the behind-the-scenes SEO stuff you hear.)

Coaches Hire Copywriters

As part of your marketing plan, you have to look at how you’ll continually stay in touch with all the people you’ll need to reach to continue to grow your business.

One fast, easy, painless way to do that is by hiring a copywriter to act behind the scenes for you. In one monthly meeting, you can quickly delegate:

  • A few blog topics
  • Social media postings
  • Market research / finding speaking opportunities
  • Newsletters / newsletter content
  • Website updates

Let me show you exactly how this works, ok? If you work with executive women, your business needs to start connecting with women who are at a specific level of achievement in their careers.

Where do you find them?

The marketing plan looks like this:

  1. Set-up a website or landing page geared to your audience
  2. Create content relevant to them for opt-in
  3. Find blogs / forums / groups for these women
  4. Connect with them … repeat
  5. Develop a blog that also speaks to the audience
  6. Turn the blog into an ebook to sell?

The problem, as we mentioned above, is that you can’t just turn this on and off (i.e. market when you’re slow, stop when you’re busy) or you will create a feast or famine cycle in your business.

To keep you moving forward, we have to keep putting out great, interesting, unique stuff that will engage the people you want to work with. Every few years, you’ll tweak this concept, as well, to ensure your business is aligning with your brand and values.

If you’re wondering when the time is to hire a ghostwriter, it is when:

  • You feel creatively stuck, no ideas, no strategy
  • You’re too busy making money to get to the marketing
  • You have a consistent monthly budget (starting minimally at $250)

Keeping your business running smoothly isn’t a secret. You just need to be keep things going, consistently, even when what you really want is a vacation in Tahiti (so do it!)

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