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Our U8/U9/U10 Youth Academy is for boys and girls who love soccer and wish to learn more about the game and improve their ball skills. FC provides a safe, fun environment for the players to practice and play under the guidance of our talented coaching staff.

Football Youth Academy

The U8/U9/U10 Youth Academy uses ‘player pools’ instead of the old and antiquated team system. The ‘player pool’ method has been an outstanding success in developing creative, skillful players who have an enhanced love of the game and their club instead of just playing for a team.

The U8/U9/U10 Youth Academy focuses on the development of EVERY player, instead of teams at these young ages as recommended by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) in their ‘Player Development Guidelines’. This focus is also strongly recommended in the coaching license courses run by the USSF and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA).

The main reasoning behind the development of individual players is that in the past there has been so much focus on creating winning teams, that the players’ technical skills have never developed enough to be able to carry out the tactics needed to play at the next level. After all, there are NO tactics without technique. It is the individual ball skills, creativity and love of the game that will create exciting soccer players who can play on successful teams and this is why the Youth Academy works better in helping players reach the next level of play.

All of our U8/U9/U10 players will practice 2 times per week. Our coaches challenge all of the players to get better and improve and teach sportsmanship and good values to the players in the process. Our coaching philosophy is to guide the players to the answers of the many challenges that the sport provides so that they have a better understanding of soccer, instead of throwing all the answers at them and expecting them to remember them.

All our coaches are licensed and specialize in working with and developing young players.

If there are any questions please contact us at or 219 779 0420 and we will be happy help.

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